OK. Cut short. I want to video stream to my HDTV from my PC as there are more options for streaming on PC than mac. However after buying a VGA (only output on my PC) to HDMI adaptor/converter ive discovered that my `old` HDTV (with HDMI input) only supports 960x540 resolution which my PC doesnt support (weird huh). However my Macbook pro (early 2008,NO HDMI)) works to the TV via a DVI-HDMI cable perfect.

Is there a way I can show my PC Windows (7) display on my mac? Then via the mac with the aforementioned DVI cable i can connect to the TV and watch.

I dont even think I can have any input going into the mac. The DVI slot is being used as an output.

The only other way i have thought of is remote access but i really dont understand how to do that and im pretty sure video would be really bad going across that wouldnt it?

Another way ive thought is to some make my PC output 960x540 resolution. This isnt an option on a standard PC. Ive messed around in Powershift to try to get it to output at that resolution but cant get it to work which means maybe my graphics card doesnt support that res even though it can support lower AND higher res`.

Happy to send a little gift to someone who can solve this problem. Please dont say buy a new TV, i know that. If all else fails I will have to go to that measure.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered



PC : Dell 755 desktop PC running Windows 7 pro. Output sources VGA, Ethernet and USB slots
MAC : MacBookPro early 2008.
TV : Sharp AQUOS LC32P50E (HDMI, scart, )