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Thread: Groove Music

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    Groove Music

    Well, I'll be dipped! I've been playing with Groove Music, and not ever having anything to do with it before I have nothing to compare it to other than Xbox Music. In light that this site is not age restricted I won't speak about Xbox Music and how frustrating that has been and still is in trying to get it to sync with my phone, or OneDrive even....
    Groove Music came right to life for me much like the old Zune Player did. Everything that is in my OneDrive Music folder came over unlike Xbox Music. I connected my Windows 8.1 phone and thought WTH.... Since Xbox won't sync properly lets see about Drag 'N Drop... Yep...Worked like a charm...

    Bottom Line, Is that MUSIC IS FUN ONCE AGAIN....

    Thank You Microsoft
    Thanks John
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    I actually like the Groove player too. Win10 continues to rock for me and now all the known bugs have been patched too. Very happy I am. Thanks M$.

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