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    Strange behavior

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but it looks like a hardware issue to me.

    My son has a desktop computer (running Vista) that has a wired internet connection (Comcast cable into the Comcast-provided modem-router combination, then ethernet from the router to the computer), and a laptop computer (running XP) connected wirelessly (via same the Comcast router).

    Both computers exhibit the same anomalous behavior: while using the internet, the computers work fine as long as the mouse is moving, but freeze as soon as the mouse stops moving, then will continue to work once again while the mouse is moving, etc.

    I suspect that there's a problem either with the modem/router or the Comcast signal (although the connection speed is high when it's working). We've tried power-cycling (resetting) the modem/router, but there's no change in behavior.

    My son is going to have a conversation about this with Comcast tomorrow, but I'd be interested in your opinions.


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    I can't say for sure if this will fix your problem, but it sure fixed some serious internet problems I was having.

    My internet browsing had slowed to a crawl. I was about ready to give up on Facebook and some other sites.

    Flash seemed to be causing some problems, so I disabled it in the browser. After doing that, my browsing speed has greatly improved.

    The only negative to disabling Flash has been that occasionally I can't watch a video that shows up in Facebook.

    Your situation doesn't sound exactly like mine, but you never know.

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    Does the same thing happen if you disconnect from the internet?
    Is the mouse wireless?

    cheers, Paul

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