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    Windows 10 X64 Pro after an electrical power dip

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a question about Windows 10 after a power dip (this is a Win 7 SP1 system upgraded to Windows 10). My machine became unbootable after a power dip yesterday, has anyone else experienced this with Windows 10? I had windows 7 for 5 years or more and experienced many many many power dips in that time and 7 ALWAYS rebooted just fine.

    I was finally able to get my Windows 10 repair disk to run and that fixed my problem.

    Then I had a 2nd power dip and couldn't get the Win 10 repair disk to boot. I have a back-up software with a Linux based boot DVD and after hours of working with that, somehow I got my system restored.

    Has anyone else had problems with Windows 10? I only have a Win 7 disk if for some reason I can't recover a back-up, I'd be working a day to put my system back together.

    Thanks for any responses and or help,

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    Unfortunately Power spikes/dips can cause problems with any OS that's why I use UPS's on my desktop computers. Sorry, I realize that's not much help and I'm glad you got through it but I would suggest you look into a UPS.

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    Had the same problem with mine upgrade from 8.1 pro, we had a power cut on Sunday. Ended up using a Macrium image to get going again.

    Not a lot of help but at least you know it's not just you.


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