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Thread: Modulo Camera.

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    Modulo Camera.

    This technology should have been implemented like yesterday. Way cool stuff. It would even make a cheap bstard like myself replace my Leica V-LUX1 ((got that as a birthday gift nearly a decade ago) with the new technology. Now, I'll just wait until they finally implement this. Having to frame several captures for an HDR is ridiculous.

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    The trouble with HDR photos (I think) is that they don't look real; an HDR photo is obviously HDR. Of course, it's possible I have only seen 'amateur' attempts and 'professional' ones aren't obvious.

    So how expensive will this camera be (to begin with at least)?

    The real problem with any photo isn't the camera, it's the brain behind the camera. An Adams or Bailey or Cartier-Bresson will take better photos with a box Brownie than me with my D750 (or you with your Leica V-LUX1?).

    Interesting none the less

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