I started setting up W-10 from scratch, since I wanted to consolidate all the data from the ongoing builds and then delete the old ones. So first I wanted to set up the users. I got my main, CWBillow, fine. I got the Visitor (Guest) fine as well -- for some reason Guest is still giving me issues, but no problem. I set up the Administrator. But when I went to set up my Insider account, I got errors that the email was in use. It was.

For the main account my e-mail is cwbillow[at]componentics.com. When I signed up for Insider, I was (somehow) able to do it using the same e-mail, rather than a Hotmail / Outlook.com account, and it did and does work fine.

But now, when I start from scratch, I cannot seem able to set up the Insider account / user. I get an error that the e-mail is in use. It is and was, but never gave me the error.

So now what do I do?

Chuck Billow