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    Open, Copy, and Paste macro in Excel 2010

    I need a macro that will read a list of 11 file names in a workbook. Then, I need to copy each the contents of each file into a specific, individual tab in the original workbook. The files that are being opened are all .csv. This is the table of tab names and file names that I am working with (located in B3:C14 in the original workbook):


    All of the files to be opened are located in the same folder. I have the path to the folder in cell B2 of the original workbook. The tabs in the original workbook already exist and are labeled accordingly.

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    Dear Dansparks81

    Welcome to the Lounge.

    Attached is an Excel File with a Macro that should do what you wanted.

    Please note the Macro needs the following or it will not work.

    The path name must be in Cell B2
    All file names must begin at Cell D6

    You will need to add the missing worksheets to the file.

    Lastly the Macro will fail if for any reason you add or delete rows or columns in the worksheet containing the filenames

    Good luck.

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