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    Loss of mouse/input from keyboard/'top' window every 30 seconds

    This is weird. Have used Windows 7, Sp1 for several years. Recently, have experienced issue where @ every 30 seconds [though sometimes much sooner], my (mouse) cursor/blinking input field icon goes away and whatever I am doing (moving mouse, keying my keyboard, whatever) simply stops, even when your in the process of typing. The mouse cursor is still on the screen and can be moved, but the input action, typing an email, inputting/moving spreadsheet data, or writing a document, ceases. To get it functioning again, I have to press the `enter' key on my mouse at the location where it stopped [or wherever I want to restart the input], just as though I was starting the program initially.

    I noticed this first in my gmail account, when writing emails, but now it is endemic to all my programs and has become a really obnoxious issue.

    I have tried: finding `latest' drivers for mice, display, input devices, restoring to an earlier point, using ccleaner, disabling the mouse and using keyboard only. Nothing has affected this behavior.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you tried a different mouse and/or keyboard? It's possible it's a hardware problem.

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