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    Win 10 Changes to Task Scheduler

    Hey Y'all,

    I was going crazy trying to get imported Tasks to work in Win 10. Finally I decided to try to create the task from scratch and then compare against what I was getting in Win 8.1 Pro. What an eye opener.

    Here's a rundown of the differences I found:

    RegistrationInfo Section:


    Both items no longer present in Win 10.

    Principals Section:

    Win 8.1: <UserId>DellXPS8700\Bruce</UserId>

    Win 10: <UserId>S-1-5-21-576607286-1355931187-1668288886-1002</UserId>

    Yes it is now using the Security Descriptor for the account.

    Settings Section:
    IdleSettings Sub-Section:


    Two new items not in 8.1.

    Conclusion, trying to import tasks from previous versions of Windows it not going to be a pleasant experience.

    Here's the kicker! The above is my experience with my Windows Insider laptop which was done via CLEAN Install and importing the tasks as I always have from machine to machine only changing the Machine/UserId values in the XML files. On my other laptop where I upgraded the tasks run just fine and exporting them they are identical to the Win 7/8.1 versions.

    Just to be sure I created an identical task on this machine and it came up with the same changes as the other laptop. It must be MAGIC that the old ones still run.

    One more test I deleted the old version of the task, after exporting it, then re-imported it and it still ran!

    Go Figure!

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    RG, your post reminded me that I hadn't gotten around to Task Scheduler yet, just had assumed that the upgrade picked everything up. I just checked, and everything is there with the exception of Windows Defender. There are two entries, one under Microsoft\Windows\Windows Defender, and another under Microsoft\Windows Defender. The second is basically blank, the first one is still running its schedule.

    Interesting, indeed.
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