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    Getting a little pushy there Microsoft

    It's probably been there for a bit, but this morning while on I noticed a "Groove" link. I clicked on it then clicked on the Play my music in OneDrive. I decided to follow that and when I did it opened a folder called Music 1. Now I already had a folder in OneDrive called Music, and that is where my music resides. In fact I even have the Groove Music app pointed there. So! I decided to delete that folder (Music 1) and see if it would populate itself with the music that was in the Music Folder.... No Joy!. It put the Music 1 folder right back in there.
    Now I do remember Microsoft saying that they were going to be doing something along these lines, but to totally ignore a folder that is already there?

    Ehhhhh guess I'll just drag and drop from the existing Music Folder, over to Music 1....sheesh...
    Thanks John
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    Well that seems about right from all my experience with the power and flexibility of apps.

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    Is this perhaps a "library" thing? Is it looking at the entire library rather than a single directory/folder.

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