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Thread: Rolling Back

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    Rolling Back

    I upgraded a week or so ago to Win 10 Pro from Win7 Pro 64bit - When burning the ISO I had to drop to the 32bit tool because it wanted a disk larger than 6GB and I'm not even sure that exists. I like Win10 on the whole but the longer I use it, the less I think it is ready for prime time, though the new start menu doesn't bother me at all and its ease of use surprised me, I was expecting something more drastic and this isn't. I have twice had the system hang just about forever, once after I'd had it on several days and activated it in the morning. I had to shut it down and restart, every window took nearly a minute, or longer to load - to the point where I thought the system had stopped a few times, eventually the click would lead to a window.

    Today, I was using Firefox when I clicked on a YouTube video in my email. The whole program froze. I managed to kill it, but not easily. Then I looked at Windows Event Viewer and found, literally, tons of error messages, the critical ones mostly having to do with Service Control and programs not responding in time to Windows. I "thought" I had the system backup set the way I wanted, but digging into that I noticed it was ignoring me and backing things up hourly and keeping them forever - which explained the shrinking size of my 1TB external hard drive.

    Mostly, it seems to be working fine, but these two incidents in the week since I've upgraded are giving me pause. So, I have a couple questions I'd like some advice on. If I roll back to Win 7 would I be able to wait several months and then upgrade again when the new OS has gone through its growing pains? Or would I lose that ability having done so once? I'm the guy who had the issue with iesysprep.dll being corrupt after multiple clean installs from multiple sources, D:, and two different sets of recovery disks, a new motherboard and a new hard drive. I had hoped the upgrade would take care of it. But no, sfc still shows a corrupt file. Would a clean install from the .iso disk finally overwrite that file maybe? I am not using IE, so I don't see that as critical, just annoying.

    I was happy with Win 7, unhappy with the corrupt file (which Microsoft has known about since at least 2010). This morning when I ran into the problem with that YouTube video the error messages said some plugin container failed to load, though I had used YouTube within FF before with no issues. I did get TWO little white boxes with red ink (couldn't read either, they came and went too fast) but they looked like exception code failing somewhere, so I don't know what that might have meant. Task Manager wouldn't load, shut down eventually did show up and the system shut down - but not all the way, the disk light kept flashing for 5 minutes, when I literally pulled the plug. While looking at the event viewer I noticed several instances of error messages saying a shutdown had occurred unexpectedly. Not while I was at the machine, ever. So I guess what it boils down to is - do I do a clean install of the OS from the .iso file (which I am thinking would only give me the 32 bit system and so waste some of my 8GB of RAM) and reload all my stuff yet again, or roll back to Win7 even if I lose the ability to take advantage of the free upgrade permanently? Ideas? When it works, it feels like it works wonderfully though event viewer (which was NOT easy to find) certainly seems to say otherwise. I appreciate your thoughts!

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    I'm sorry about your problems and don't have any answers. However, event viewer can be found easily by right clicking on the windows link at the left hand end of the taskbar. Lots of other useful links as well.

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