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    Turn off PC when monitor turns off

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if there is away for the PC to turn off when the monitor turns off?

    I use my TV (in a bedroom) as a monitor to watch streamed movies etc, and often set the TV to sleep after a period of time at night, however the PC keeps running so you can hear the humming from the PC when all is quite.

    So I was hoping that there maybe some way to turn off the PC when the TV turns off.

    Any thoughts?


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    Years ago the PC had a socket on the Power Supply that a monitor could be plugged into and when turning off the PC the monitor would also turn off. The technology was generally referred to as AT where the power switch on the computer actually connected to the Power Supply. More modern computers use ATX where the power switch is only connected to the motherboard which in turn is connected to the Power Supply and merely tells the board to get things started. The ATX computers generally have continuous power to the motherboard, signified by a small light on the board.
    There really is on other way to control things, the monitor is rather dumb. You could use a power tap/strip and turn all power off at the same time but you do risk damage to the computer when not using the power off feature of the OS.

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    Lightbulb Control the PC, not the TV

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul T View Post
    That will work nicely. [Nice instruction set PaulT.] You would just set your PC instead of your TV to shut down (since you are using the TV as a monitor). There are even autoshutdown apps that will do it for you if you find instructions intimidating and don't mind giving up control of doing it yourself (and possible PUPs). And you could even program that app into a key on a keyboard if it has the capability to run a macro.

    Not as convenient in bed as from a TV remote control perhaps---though it is possible to use a wifi (multimedia) keyboard (some examples) with build in trackball (or similar) to do the same thing as a remote control only giving you greater input options from your bed.

    And I would suggest using a sleep or hibernate mode instead of actual shutdown so it is faster to startup the next night. The electricity usage is the same essentially whether sleep, hibernate or "off" in a modern wakeable PC, just like an "off" TV (though that might use a lot more electricity than an powered down PC).

    edit: Indeed the more I think about this an extremely simple batch script (one line I think) with a number of minutes until execute variable could be written and associated with a self made icon on the desktop could ask for how many minutes until activating the command for shutdown, sleep or hibernate.

    Similarly, this is in part what running more sophisticated HTPC shells or OS' are for if you wanted a multimedia machine in your bedroom.
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