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    Cool Win XP Pro Corrupted Control Panel Access

    I recently have Win XP Pro Corrupted Control Panel Access.
    Mysteriously, Windows Updates got turned on after I had it disabled for quite a while, after a update set was installed and the machine rebooted by itself I noticed this Win Update had turned on. No updates to this machine have been installed in several years since updates started corrupting the system. I didn't need the hassle. I use Google Chrome, so, I didn't see the need as far as surfing. Also use paid versions of Avast, MalwareBytes, Spybot S & D. Usually I'm ok with virus' and spyware or corrupt webpages. Never open attachments, etc. I find now, that after this mysterious updates scenario I have no access to my control panel. Full system scans have been done with all above mentioned software to no avail. Any clues as to how to repair this??
    Thanks in advance.

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    Use Windows System Restore to roll Windows back to a point in time when your computer was functioning correctly. It allows you to undo system changes without affecting your personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos.

    If that doesn't help, try restoring an earlier system image or backup.

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    What if you log in as a different user? Can the other user access the Control Panel? If so, the answer might be as simple as creating a new user account, and then logging in with that account rather than the one you are currently using.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, then I suggest that you save all needed data, do a complete backup of your system, and then do a clean, "wipe the drive" install of Windows, if you have the original disks with which to reinstall everything, including all of the software that you have on there now.

    There are two types of clean installs -- "wipe the drive", where you clean everything off of the drive; and a clean Windows install, where you install the new copy of Windows into the same folder as the current copy, thereby wiping out whatever was in Windows, but leaving everything else on the drive intact.

    After doing that, install all XP service packs and updates, then reinstall your antivirus programs, then whatever software you had installed. Then copy all of the data you saved back to the hard drive.

    Once everything is completely done, do a complete backup of your system, so that you can easily get back to good working condition in the future, should problems occur again.

    I think you have some deep-seated problems which will be difficult to resolve. A clean install will resolve any and all problems that you have with Windows.
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