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    Bird-feeder challenge for yet another squirrel


    Bird-feeder challenge for yet another squirrel

    By Kathleen Atkins
    Good thing squirrels don't preserve their dignity at all costs. More of them would miss meals, and we'd lose out on lots of entertainment. The squirrel in this video seemed destined, at first, to conquer the anti-rodent design features built into the bird-feeder. He's so agile until he's not. Despite the built-in intention to thwart squirrels, however, it seems unlikely that anyone would begrudge this one his consolation scattering of seeds.

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    I bought one of those metal bird feeders - mine had 3 of the 'hooks' plus a wire mesh tray and a plastic water dish. Our squirrels soon were able to access the seeds and peanuts - the more attachments at the top, the easier it was for them to stretch from one to another. So to counter-act that, I heavily smeared the supporting pole with car grease - and it worked. However when the grease had melted off or washed off in the sun and rain, it was back to square one! Then I saw on the manufacturer's website that they offered a plastic (polycarbonate) dome that you can slide on the pole to deter squirrels. I bought one and fitted it, and oo-la it worked a dream - nothing, not even squirrels, can climb up past it to access the bird feeders. Squirrels may be very intelligent, but at least they soon realise when they are licked!

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