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    Streaming from Laptop to WDTVLIVE

    After reading favourable comments in Amazon customer reviews, I purchased a Bolse Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter, assuming I only needed to plug it into my WDTVLive box to allow wireless streaming from my Toshiba laptop, and connection to router.

    The laptop recognises it - the light flashes, but not so with the WDTV. I have updated the latter with an automatic registering of IP number etc., and cable connection to router is fine.

    Anyone have any thoughts or advice?

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    Send it back as both the laptop (I assume) and the WDTVLive Box (per user guide) have wifi.

    From the manual: The recommended setting on Wireless N routers is 802.11n-only with a channel width of 20/40
    MHz. If you are using a wireless-N access point (AP) and it has been set to operate in 802.11n mode
    with a security setting of anything other than WPA2-PSK+AES or None, then the media player will
    operate at lower 802.11g rates. Disabling wireless security is not recommended.

    So maybe you should read it. Whether you can stream your laptop to your WDTV is another matter. Plugging another wifi USB device into it won't work.
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