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    Class not registered.

    Lately (about a week) if I have Google Chrome as my default browser, when I click on a link in my email client (The Bat) it displays a dialog box showing me the links URL and an explanation of "Class not registered". If I use FF, IE or Pale Moon everything is just fine and the browser goes to the link. I deleted Chrome and downloaded a fresh copy to no avail. My research online shows that dialog box showing up as a problem in Win 10 not displaying a Start menu but that isn't the problem here.
    Yes I am using Win 10 Build 10525 and have been using it for a month or so now with little or no problems.
    Anybody with an idea?


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    Sounds like an incompatibility between Chrome and either your email client or Windows 10.

    Try an older version of Chrome; sometimes that will solve it.

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