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    Get rid of win 10 update and get win 7 instead

    HELP! How do I stop Windows update from offering the Windows 10 upgrade and give me updates for Win7. I already installed Win 10 and didnít like it. After 1 week of not being able to find anything and hating the new start menu I rolled it back. Whenever I run Windows update all it offers is the Win 10 upgrade. I have already canceled my Win 10 reservation and removed the update that put that Win 10 symbol on my taskbar.

    I pride myself on keeping my computer patched but donít intend to reinstall Win 10 ever. How do I get it to offer me just updates for Win 7.

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    How to get rid of the 'Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready' lock:

    Once you have removed the KBs in Woody's article you might also want to apply the registry hack in this article:

    In particular see the section under "Windows Registry":

    "To suppress the offer to upgrade Win7 SP1 or Win8.1 to Win10 through the registry, set the
    following registry values:
    "Subkey: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUp date
    "DWORD value: DisableOSUpgrade = 1"
    If the keys don't exist create them.

    Note that there is no space in the "Windows\WindowsUpdate" key (space wrongly added by WSL formatting).
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