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    Windows 10 download kept failing in Windows Update = Windows 7

    Windows 10 upgrade kept failing through windows update on my Gateway Windows 7 desktop. It gave the error code 80240020. I found the answer that worked here:

    Apparently the downloaded file was corrupted. Here is a jpg of the answer that worked:


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    I determined by searching that the downloaded file is not necessarily corrupt. Another Microsoft web page flatly stated there was no corruption..

    If you have automatic updates set in Win7, then Windows Update will attempt to download and install Win10, even if you did NOT reserve it. I turned off automatic updates, went back to manual with notification, and when the Win10 update arrived, I cancelled it and have been safe from the problem ever since (however, I did end up deleting the C:\Windows software download folder contents as part of that process. I also removed the fixes that installed GWX and hid them).

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