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    Question Windows 10 SNAFU, Taskbar and icons not right at all

    OK, I was forced into upgrading. Even though I unregistered and removed all updates dealing with 10. I wanted to wait a couple more months and see what problems/solutions others had. No go. Upon a reboot, 10 installed.

    Now comes the problems. The Taskbar is 2/3 off the screen. Icons pulled to the edge of the screen end up being 1/3 of the screen. If I maximize my browser (Firefox) that too blows off the screen. The Menu bar is off, the minimize, maximize and close buttons are off the screen.

    I changed my screen resolution from 1920x1080 (Recommended) to 1280x720. No effect. I updated my video card drivers. Again, no effect. I uninstalled the video card and rebooted. No effect. The option to roll back the driver is grayed out.

    Can't do a screenshot. When I do, the desktop looks like it should. Not like it is now.

    Anyone know of a fix?


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    Right-click on empty spot on your screen and make sure you have your setting at 100% (not 125% etc.).

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