Sorry to have to bug everyone here, but sometimes finding the help you need on Google's own site is harder than finding an ALGOL programmer! As the subject implies, I have a few questions relating to Google accounts (every numbered item below isn't a question in itself; a handful of them are necessary background). Maybe the good denizens of the forums can help.

1. I've never had a lot of trust in Google and resisted creating an account for the longest time. Unfortunately, for business marketing purposes I need a business account to manage Google Places. Done and done.

2. I had a YouTube ID since before Google snarfed up YouTube. I don't want this linked to the business account, but somewhere along the line I accidentally clicked on an option that did just that. I thought I was saying I wanted to continue using that as my YouTube ID, but now it shows up as my nickname elsewhere, too.

3. I might need to set up a third account to use in conjunction with an organization of which I'm an officer. This is the only one that would have to use Gmail, which is why I want it to stay separate. I'm still looking to see if there's a better way to accomplish what I need to do.

4. When I try to add an account, Google keeps taking me back to the same page I was on before clicking that link (i.e., if I go to the Google home page and then the Account icon, then select Add Account, it asks me to sign in to add another account -- but I'm already signed in! -- and after typing in my login info again I go right back to the home page). If I instead click on Create Account it gives me the screen to do just that, but without any guidance available on the site (that I can find) I'm afraid that I'm going to unlink something else.

5. I guess this boils own to two questions. Being pointed to a source I haven't found is a more than acceptable response!

a. Can I easily separate the current nickname, I guess it is, from my account without losing all the settings I have in YouTube?

b. Is it safe to simply create two new accounts and not have to worry about losing what's already set up? I know the answer to this one should be obviously yes, but there's something in the process that's giving me the heebie jeebies.

Any help/guidance/reassurance is more than welcome!