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    wifi slower than dial up

    i pay cox extra for fast wifi supposedly 50Mbps

    today i could not use the connection as it was too slow
    things kept timing out

    today my software said it was 1Mbps actual connection
    but the actual throughput data showed it was as slow as my old dial up modem peaking at 50kbps often slower

    is this normal for cable based internet ?

    is there something i need to do to speed it up?

    am i just unlucky that the guy upstairs is transferring large files while skyping and doing other things and we share the same physical cable into teh building ?

    is this just cox doing something using up the bandwidth ??
    fios loved to update the software in my box while i was watching a movie so that i could not see anything until their update was over. i suppose cox could be doing that too.

    all clues and suggestions appreciated!!

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    Call Cox support


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    Speedball, I always had good luck with Cox where I used to live. They even sent a tech out on a Sunday morning one time to fix an internet problem. And everytime I have called them, I have gotten good help from them.

    I no longer have Cox, because it isn't available where I now live.

    Here's something you might try: Disable or uninstall Flash. When I discovered that Flash was slowing everything to a crawl, I disabled it, and things then sped up to a normal speed.

    The only negative will be that every now and then, there will be a video you will be unable to watch, because it will need Flash; but at least you will be able to surf the web.

    One thing I can't figure out: when I use the internet at my church or at my job, it is never slow. I don't know why it is slow at home. Perhaps the ISP loads up ads, etc., on people's home internet, but they don't do it for commercial internet. I don't know if that's true, but it's the only explanation I can come up with.
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