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    formfield with today editable

    Word 2007 document docm. How can I, in a formfield, show immediately (at the opening of Docm protected) today's date, with the possibility, however, to change it for a different date?
    I thought: put a formfield like "date today", hidden. and take the value to use it in my editable formfield but I can not do it, and I do not know whether it is the solution. some help?
    Regards Frank

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    You can't. The only way of achieving a comparable result would be to leave the formfield as a 'Date' type and use a macro to auto-populate it when the document is created/opened. If you use a template for the document's creation, a Document_New macro in the template could do that, without requiring any macros in the actual form document; it would also avoid the risks of a Document_Open macro replacing a date input by the user with whatever date they happen to open the document on...

    Paul Edstein
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