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    Archive a Word Doc (Word 97)

    A technical Writer in the final stages of preparing and editing a Document, submits the Document to managers for a final review. Some writers activate the Protect Document feature in Word before they send the file to reviewers, so the reviewers cannot make any changes to it.

    Other writers do not use the Protect Document feature but they set up an Archive system. What does this mean? What is an archive System and how do you create it and use it? How do you archive a Word Document?

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    Re: Archive a Word Doc (Word 97)

    Two possibilities

    1. Version Control. This is on the file menu and allows you to save successive versions of a document.

    2. Backup
    On Tools/Options/Save tick "Always create backup copy. Each time you save the document it creates a backup which is called, I think, the same file name and .bk1, .bk2 etc. This applies to all documents you do and can be a pain in the neck unless you really really need it.
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