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    KB3071756 Kills Programs - KB3060716 Too!

    I have been back and forth installing and uninstalling these two updates since 8/16/15. I've installed them together and individually, uninstalling them each time. They both exhibit the same behavior.

    After installing and rebooting I cannot start any program successfully. I'll wait for the boot activity to settle down and try to start a program - any program. The program will show momentarily in the task list, but then disappear. No window ever opens unless the program is IE. I can start the Control Panel after a while. I notice in the task list that trustedinstaller.exe is running and consuming a large amount of memory - over 100MB.

    After uninstalling the update (or both if they are both installed) things return to normal.

    I don't know where to go after this. I've searched and found others with similar trouble, but no solutions. So I have two questions. Are these really necessary for a win7 machine? If they should be installed, how should I progress?


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    You could uninstall and Hide KB3071756 when it gets offered again if no one else has access to your computer.

    KB3060716 is a bit different but if it's causing problems then do the same with that one.

    Do you get the same problems with them installed and booted up into Safe Mode with Networking ?

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