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    Question Win Update - Shutdown Button with Caution Shield

    After one (or more) updates were installed within the last couples of days, the caution shield showed up on the Shutdown button. The problem was that going thru the shutdown step and then re-booting, the shield remained. I noted that there were a couple of Failed update items but do not know if one or more of these led to this problem. I thought that a couple updates at a later time or day requiring shutdown would "clear" the continued presence of the caution shield. The last two updates today requiring shutdown were successful today but the caution shield still appears on the shutdown button. I don't know if Microsoft has a fixit to take care of a problem like this.

    Being somewhat "brain dead" the last couple of days, I do not recall what I need to do about the failed updates - I've have had, rarely, failed updates for some time and can't remember if a MS fixit would help there too.
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