I need advice from someone who understands HP printers at a deeper level than does the HP Printer Support (level 1) team. They are nice, but can’t advise me on this.

Description: I am standardizing a small company on HP OfficeJet 8610 all-in-one printers (replacing our 8600 models). The company has 3 small offices (2 PCs each) and 4 home office workers (1 laptop each). The remote offices have the HP8610 connected by Ethernet to a modem provided by an ISP. The modems have both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The computers connect to the modem by either Ethernet cable or the modem’s Wi-Fi.

Issue. I am trying to set up the printers, computers, and local networks so that users with laptops can print and scan (I disabled fax on all of the printers) with a minimum of hassle with re-configurations. I can control all of the components, such as set static IP addresses into the printers and modems. When a laptop user travels from one location to another, although they can connect to the local Wi-Fi, they often lose the ability to print and scan. When I ask for help from HP Printer Support, they will only help me make one printer talk to one computer. They are not conversant enough to help with multiple printers on multiple networks a multiple computers. Can the integration I envision be accomplished?

When I work on getting a computer to print/scan, I usually use the HP Print and Scan Doctor. On Windows 7 and Vista computers, I have also had success with the Change Printer IP Address utility (not available for Windows 8/8.1). It inevitably leads me to re-install the “full” version of the HP 8610 driver. That usually works. However, it creates entries in the Devices and Printers of the computer. Sometimes, taking the computer to a different office only requires that I select a previously-installed printer and everything works well (whether I set it as default or select it each time).

I need someone who knows what the HP driver and printer software can do to advise me what settings I can use in the laptop, driver, printer, and network to achieve some integration. I also need to know whether I can save a printer configuration backup file that I can apply to the printers in the other offices and homes to shortening the setup time.