I have been running WinXP Pack 3 & Win7 Home Premium on the same PC using different SSD. Within the PC are two other HDDs which contain data, photos & videos created & share within the two different OS. Now Win7 have been upgraded to Win 10 Insider Preview & created some new problems. It seems that data cannot be shared between WinXP & Win 10. So far I lost 500+ edited photos, one video project & about 200Gb of backup videos created in WinXP but promptly disappeared when open in Win10. It only affects recent folders. There's ten of thousands of photos & videos created in WinXP & Win7 over the years & these are not affected.
In fact the problem started way back in June when I inserted a 64Gb usb drive into the PC while running Win 10. A message appeared saying that the usb drive need to be scanned to resolve some problems. After scanning I open the drive but there's nothing there - my 50Gb of data created in WinXP all disappeared.
This is my personal experience but those WinXP users take note of this