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    X-axis formatting - Help (MS Excel 5.0 _ 9.0.2720)


    How does a person format an Excel graph to show specific dates?
    (Instead of Excel automatically determining the dates to show)

    The desired result is to have a graph
    with the X-axis time line showing
    1 Label per year or 6 Labels in total.

    For example, each year would have about 170 data points, but,
    the desired effect is to have only 1 Label per year giving 6 Labels,
    such as the following 6 Labels for the X-axis of:

    ..... 01-Jan-1997
    ..... 01-Jan-1998
    ..... 01-Jan-1999
    ..... 01-Jan-2000
    ..... 01-Jan-2001
    ..... 01-Jan-2002
    How is it possible to format the X-axis in the above manner?

    MS Excel 5.0 9.0.2720
    end trans.


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    Re: X-axis formatting - Help (MS Excel 5.0 _ 9.0.2720)

    I only know for xl97 and xl2000 but here's what works for those versions...

    Right click on the chart's x-axis, select 'Format Axis' to view a tabbed dialog. Select the 'Scale' tab and you can change various axis attributes. Look thru the other tabs for other modifications as well. I too have done this to show labels such as "Year1Q1" then three tick marks then "Year2Q1" since I don't want a label for every quarter up to 40 quarters in my case. I label every 4th tick mark. (I do this in VBA though since the # of quarters to be plotted isn't known until run-time in Excel model.)

    If you want the words "01-Jan-1997" then you need to provide the data source for these tick marks (as opposed to the sequential numbers used by Excel). You'd click inside the chart to select it, right-click then pick 'source data' and go to Series tab, then down at bottom select the x-axis label source.

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