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    Synology Data Replicator and Windows 10

    Now before we go any further I do know that Synology have deprecated their excellent Data Replicator product and replaced it with Cloud Station but I really like DR and would like to keep using it.

    It has worked fine for me in Windows 7,8 and 8.1, synching the folders I have selected to my Synology NAS. Since I upgraded to Windows 10 it fails whenever I launch Synch with a message which suggests that there may be no drive letters left to map. This is certainly not the case as I have mapped only one drive letter and that is to the NAS anyway.

    This sounds like a permissions thing to me but I am damned if I can find it. I have tried turning off the firewall but I still get the same result. I already have over 1Tb synched with Data Replicator and if I switch to cloud station I will have to resynch all that (having first deleted it all to make enough room) as it will not let me use an existing folder. And it seems like such a small thing ..I don't believe there is not a solution,

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    What's the exact error message?

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