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    Angry New Outlook Hotmail

    I would like to express my frustrations and deep dissatisfaction with new Outlook Hotmail.

    Those guys who did it are worse than reinventors of coca cola image.
    Send them back to Central Park to collect leaves, they had been fired deservedly!

    Don't fix things that works good.

    I survived last change because of habit, and Hotmail probably rely on that, that users won't change mail provider or how you call it and that they will adjust to it in the course of time.

    Uglier, more white spaces on the screen.

    Painfully slow, perhaps slower than

    Search option is so "advanced" that I can't find anything. In preivious version it could even find a word in Word attachments. (Yahoo for example cannot find ANYTHNG now because it is so "advanced".)

    The only thing that remained untuched (I hope at least, maybe I didnt manage to discover that it too was "bettered") is that the mails are not merged within one conversation, as they are in G.mail. com and in Yahoo (which is now unuseful because of that).
    I never learned how to extract desired mail, single one, from that bulk of mails in "one conversation" and I can't forward something any more without sending ALL mails /sometimes 5-6-11 mails/ in that forwarded mail.

    If Outlook in next "improvement" destroy that last remained feature from old days (e i not bulking all message in one conversation), it will be as unconvenient as Gmail and Yahoo.

    I will then move to Rusian .ru free mails, or maybe I will do it now.

    Really really annoying, probably more the my own bad spelling.

    God damn it!

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    I assume that this is to do with the browser email interface, so isn't in the correct forum (should be non-Outlook email).

    You can change the view from conversation to individual in settings. I'm not sure what you mean by white spaces, but there may well be a setting for that (there is in Yahoo for instance). Settings can be seen by clicking on the gear wheel at top right.

    Search speed seems OK on mine (but then I don't have many emails in it).

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    Yeah, is more or less the replacement for Hotmail. As mentioned, Settings has Group by conversation and pre-load messages that can be worked with. Supposedly is to be more similar to Outlook than Hotmail is/was.

    The conversations thing is also in Microsoft Outlook program and can be turned on or off.

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