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    Scheduled Tasks and Administrators Group

    Hey Y'all,

    Ok I'm posting this here because I've confirmed that it happens in both Win 8.1 Pro and Win 10 Pro Insider Build 10547 and if memory serves the previous version.

    If I change the "When running the task, use the following user account:" to the Administrators Group the task will no longer work. Change it back to a User who is an administrator and it works just fine.

    So if this isn't going to work what good is it to allow the change if it is not honored. The reason I want to do this is because I prefer to work on a Local Account in Win 10 Pro Insider Preview and only switch to the MS account to get updates. I have both accounts setup as administrators and used MMC to verify.
    The yellow highlighted entry is the MS Account name.

    Is there some "magic bullet" or "secret sauce" I'm missing here?

    OOPS, I forgot one very important thing here. The task will run from within the Task Scheduler (right-click->run). However, it will NOT run from a shortcut. It works both ways if I use the currently signed in Administrator Account vs the Administrators Group.
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