I have recently upgraded my windows 7 64bit to windows 10 with success. And also, I upgraded my office 2010 to office 365 with success as well. While I was installing office 365, I've still had my office 2010 installed (which is fine). The reason I was doing this because I was afraid of losing my outlook accounts, contacts and calendar. But everything all went really good. Then, I uninstalled my office 2010.

Now I just found out that there are a few contacts showing in my outlook's people:
Contacts (for this computer only)
suggested contacts

I think by default, the new Outlook (Outlook 2013) uses "Contacts (for this computer only)" folder. so I copied across all my contacts from "Contacts" to "Contacts (for this computer only)" with success.

My question is I wonder how to remove "Contacts" folder from the list (I mean the entire "Contacts" folder). just wondering if this is feasible.

Thank you very much in advance