I have a user who just got a new Windows 7 system which is connected to an application hosted on a Citrix server. It's an application that I have written that runs fine on all versions of Windows, and for years on this Citrix server. The problem she is having is that when she drops down a pick list and tries to enter multiple characters to "home in" on an entry, the system treats each character as a new search, no matter how fast she types. She also noticed that scrolling down through the pick list (I assume with the elevator) skips the entire list, simply going to the top and bottom immediately (the list has a couple hundred entries on it).

I suspect that there is some type of setting in this new Windows 7 install that is wrong, but I'm not sure of what it might be. We tried playing with the double-click setting on the mouse, but it had no effect. The wheel setting was on the default of 3.

Any suggestions? Thanks!