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    Win 10 upgrade problem - Continuously reboots after Welcome screen

    I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

    All seemed to be going normally and after a while and a few reboots, it came up with the Welcome screen, waited for a while then rebooted. This cycle repeats over and over again and it never gets to the point showing the start menu and icons.

    I switched off, removed and then replaced the battery, but this did not change this behaviour. Is there some way I can force it to boot into safe mode? F8 or holding down some key etc. Maybe some driver is causing this?

    I have a system backup of Win 7, so I can go back there and maybe run some sort of check process. I noticed just once that before rebooting it flashed up an icon of my Comodo firewall icon with a label in red saying "at risk". If I can get it into safe mode, I could uninstall the firewall and maybe my Panda antivirus.

    I have upgraded 4 PC's and three other laptops with no problems in the past!

    Any help would be gratefully accepted!

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    Power off mid start up 3 times and the next boot will be into recovery mode.

    cheers, Paul

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