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    Question Macro toolbar

    I must admit that I think the answer to my question will have been answered in the past, but truth be told, I have no idea which search keywords to use in this instance.

    What I am trying to recreate is a style toolbar (not being the quick style toolbar) which has buttons which each will assign a style to the paragraph selected. The thing is that the styles we use all have a distinctive and impossible designation. As a result, the quick style toolbar doesn't fit the bill as it only shows the first couple of characters of the style. Basically, I want to create an overview with easy-access and a legible description of the styles to be used. I have seen this operational in the past, whereby the Word screen would (continuously) show a list of buttons next to the navigation pane, in a visual basic like environment, whereby a button would for example say “Agreement Style” and would force a style upon the paragraph.

    Does anybody have an idea where to start looking or how to do this?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Application of styles via Styles Task Pane

    Are you describing a version of Word with the ribbon interface? If this is the case does this
    not being the quick style toolbar
    refer to the Quickstyle Gallery ?

    The image above shows the navigation and the Styles Pane in my Word 2010.

    You are able to customise the Styles pane to your heart's content.

    For information about this check out this site.

    I hope this helps.

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    There is nothing like this built into Word. The Styles Pane is one option. Modifying the Quick Styles Gallery might be better, though. The quick styles gallery lets you select text, mouse-over a style in the gallery and see what it looks like in your document.
    Understanding Styles in Microsoft Word
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