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    Some questions about upgrading to Office 365

    I am currently running Office 2003 plus the Compatibility Pack, on Windows 7. It has served me well and does everything I want, but now that it is unsupported and with the imminent arrival of Office 2016, I'm thinking maybe it's time to upgrade. Looking at the options available, and not wanting to spend $$$ up front, Office 365 seems to be the way to go. I can buy it locally for a good price (cheaper than from MS, particularly with the low $A exchange rate at present).

    Some questions about a possible upgrade to 365:

    (1) When installing, does it look for a previous version of Office and pick up any customizations etc.?

    (2) Can it co-exist in the same PC with 2003, so I could continue to use 2003 for my day to day work, while learning and setting up 365, or is it an either-or situation?

    (3) I have a lot of customization in Word. If the answer to (1) is no, can customizations be transferred to Word 365 (for example, by copying the file), or would I have to re-invent them (tedious)?

    (4) I run Word with various macros in various situations, for example telling it which folders to find documents in, or who the document author is. Will macros written in 2003 work in 365, and if so, how would I get them across?

    (5) In Outlook, would my existing accounts, rules, signatures, archive settings and other customizations regarding how emails are handled, be transferred across, or would I have to re-invent these as well (even more tedious)?

    Hopefully someone has been through this exercise and can give me some advice? I may decide to stay with 2003 after all .......???

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    Office 365 is the name of the package. Outlook 2016, Word 2016, etc. are the names of the programs.

    (1) - Yes. It depends on the customizations.
    (2) - Yes. The Office 2016 install is click-to-run which does not remove previous versions
    (3) - It depends on the customizations.
    (4) - ? I don't know
    (5) - In general yes. It probably depends on the customizations.

    If you have menu customizations those won't be transferred to the ribbon.


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    (4) for the most part, macros written for Office 2003 will work in Office 2007 & later. The main thing to be aware of is that the native Office 2007 & later file formats are different and have different file extensions to reflect this (e.g. docx for macro-less documents; docm for macro-enabled documents). Plus macro written for Office 2003 won't recognise newer features (e.g. content controls used instead of formfields). Macros assigned to custom toolbar buttons will likely end up with those same buttons located on the Ribbon's 'Addins' tab.

    (5) Do be aware that, unlike other Office apps, only one version of Outlook can be used; if you install Outlook 2013, for example, Outlook 2003 will be deleted and all your Outlook files will be converted (a process that I believe is a one-way street).

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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