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    Solving very different Win10 upgrade problems


    Solving very different Win10 upgrade problems

    By Fred Langa

    Some Windows users never got their requested Win10 upgrade; others didn't want it, but found the huge setup files on their PCs anyway. Here's how to fix both problems. Plus: A PC boots erratically after a hard-drive replacement, notes on Win10's unusual backup system, and information on the new Win7 "telemetry updates."

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    And what of those users, like me, who had two systems trashed by the unwanted and unbidden Win 10 upgrades inflicted on them? Plus I got billed for 3GB in excess downloads because Win 10 downloaded multiple times on one of them??? The only reason it wasn't more than 3GB is because, when I discovered what was happening, I switched off my router - but then I had to do without an internet connection at home for 2 weeks. The only cure was to wipe both systems and start from scratch. Why? Because on one system, the Win 10 upgrade had deleted all restore points and on the other, it had deleted any restore points preceding the start of the upgrade process. The one that had lost all restore points was so corrupted even the recovery partition couldn't be accessed... Of course, without an internet connection, I then had to go to public libraries etc. to re-download all the Windows & Office updates, etc. all over again.

    The fact is, most users won't know they've got a problem till damage has been done - to their system and/or finances. So, it's all very well saying how things can be 'fixed', but fixing should never have been necessary and nothing it the article says how to 'fix' what this debacle has cost me in time and money.
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    I was highly amused with your, Oh so simple replacement of a power supply. The only time I had to do this it wasn't just unplug the wires, pop in the new unit and bingo!

    To get the old unit out (remember they always need to slide into the case once you undo the fixing screws) I had to remove the hard drives and DVD to allow it to move backwards into the case; remove the CPU cooler and fan to allow it to turn, which, as the CPU cooler and fan screws are under the motherboard, meant removing the whole shebang. OK, as I assembled the whole thing from components in the first place, that was not a problem for me but how many of your readers assemble their own systems these days?

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