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    BitDefender Tech Support the Slowest I've Ever Seen

    I had a problem over a month ago when I created a new PST file in MS Outlook. After doing that BitDefender's anti-spam feature stopped working. I emailed BD tech support and am still without a solution. They claim they're working on it but days and even weeks go by with no word. Their latest suggestion was to install the 2016 suite which I did. No change. No reply except an automated one.

    Yesterday morning, I posted a new question: how can I suspend or shut down BitDefender? That would seem to be a simple question with a simple solution. No reply except the automated one almost two days later.

    I'm thinking seriously about switching vendors. ZoneAlarm was much more responsive whenever I needed help in the past.

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    Hi David,

    BD recently released the 2016 version and I think (NO proof or official acknowledgement) the they had so many problems they have simply been overloaded. When I updated to the 2016 version the subscription was not updated correctly and some other minor issues occurred. It took almost three weeks to get my subscription corrected so I could use BD on more than one computer.

    Anyway, with the millions of subscribers they have can you image if a majority of them all had a small problem during the roll out? It would overload them like you couldn't imagine. I have my problems resolved. I personally will give them a few months to regroup their support services as I have had such excellent service from them in the past couple of years.


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