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    Network Bridging in Windows 10

    Hi, once a year my wife works at a charity "ball" and there is a silent auction which involves two credit card machines. The machine the charity uses regularly connects via dialup (glacially slow) or Internet (fast) and the second one we rent for the ball is a 3G cellular connection.

    The venue has open WiFi but no wired Ethernet ports. We are welcome to use what they have.

    Last year, I used my laptop with Network Bridging to connect the WiFi network to the credit card machine. This year, I had updated that laptop to W10 (the only machine I've yet done that to). So where did Network Bridging go in W10? It was such a handy feature.

    I did find out about the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) option and that seems to work. Under the WiFi network connection, I can check "share internet" and then the credit card machine, attached to the Ethernet port on the laptop functions properly.

    Does anyone know why Network Bridging was removed? I wasted an hour because of the ICS option, but it was good to learn about. I had never used it since I've always had a firewall router in every other network configuration.



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    I only knew about ICS, not bridging! Learn something new everyday.

    cheers, Paul

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