Hi All,

I'm using MS Outlook 2010 (version 14.0.7153.5000 (32 bit) and FireTrust's MailWasherPRO (version 7.5.0) and on my previous Lenovo Thinkpad T500 (Windows 7 64 bit) they worked together happily.

(For those unfamiliar with MailWasherPRO, it allows you to delete emails whilst still on your ISP's mail server before you download them into Outlook - a great way of keeping SPAM and other junk emails off your computer.)

I've now installed both applications on my new Thinkpad W541 running Windows 7 64 bit and I have run into an annoying issue:

Sometimes (but not always) when I click the MailWasherPRO icon in the System Tray popup, the Outlook dialogue shown in the top left of the following screen shot pops up in front of MailWasherPRO. Not desired behaviour and never happened on my previous Thinkpad.

20150929 MailwasherPRO Outlook issue.jpg

This is annoying because Outlook should not be activated until after working in MailWasherPRO and I elect to wash my email, followed by MailwasherPRO activating (or loading as necessary) Outlook so I can download my wanted emails.

I've been in touch with Firetrust, the purveyor of MailwasherPRO, and while very helpful, they/we haven't come up with a solution.

I've tried:
  • having MailwasherPRO use a different default mail application, namely Gmail, and while the issue does arise if Outlook is not running, it raises it's annoying dialogue as soon as Outlook is running, regardless of whether it is minimized or maximized;
  • from Control Panel, running a Repair of Microsoft Office, including Outlook, in case there is a corruption in the Outlook installation; and
  • from Control Panel, running a Repair of MailwasherPRO, again in case of an installation corruption.

None of these actions have resolved the issue

Anyone got any bright ideas?