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    The new color options in Win 10 10547

    I was pleased when I learned I could now possibly change the terrible (my opinion) white on white colors in win 10 so played a bit and changed the start menu back color, taskbar, etc. Seemed that all was good - until I went back to my daily driver only to discover that its colors were also changed!! Not good. Apparently your color choices are now stored in your Microsoft account and will uninvited infect all your other machines. Has anyone else come across this? The next question is: is there any way to select which things you want carried across machines and which you do not? At least with Firefox sync you can select which things to sync. I just sometimes get so frustrated with Microsoft deciding what I want to do with MY machines!

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    You can control sharing of your settings via
    Settings > Accounts > Sync Your Settings

    You can turn off all syncing or just some individual settings.


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