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    Removal of OneDrive

    I have hardly ever used OneDrive, and, over the years, I have evidently ended up with a couple OD accounts under separate e-mail addresses. Some time back I got an extra 25 gigs for my Hotmail e-mail address. I had wanted to consolidate both accounts, but evidently that was totally beyond the realm of the possible. Now though, I cannot seem to satisfy the gods sufficiently to retrieve my login info for either account/e-mail that I would have used.

    Yes, I totally screwed this up.


    How can/do I close those accounts, or gain access to them? Either alternative is better than having two separate login sequences that I cannot access.

    I tried the retrieve page, where I entered the letters, requested the text, even asked for an e-mail. But as yet, no answer anywhere.

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    Maybe this will help. A bit dated, but I believe it's still applicable. (As you probably know, skydrive was replaced with Onedrive):
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