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    Use Macro from External File


    I have 2 working macro when required i have to copy to particular file and run, I seek help if this macro is in file X, is it possible to run in file A.
    The way i am working is tedious copy macro paste in particular file and then run, Please provide a short cut.

    OS Win 7, Office 2013
    Thanks in advance.

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    Macros are commonly written to run against whichever document is active. Assuming that is the case here, you could add the macro to whatever template(s) the documents use. That would obviate the need to copy the macro to various documents. Alternatively, you can open any document containing the macro, plus the one you want to run it on, make the latter active then press Alt-F11 and run the macro from within the Visual Basic Editor. Of course, this all pre-supposes the macro does reference the active document and, without seeing your code, no-one can know for sure.

    Paul Edstein
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    You can save macros in document templates (.dotm files) or in global templates. If they are in global templates, they are available to all of your documents. You can, if you want, attach keyboard shortcuts and/or QAT icons to these macros. These would also be stored in the template that holds the macros.
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