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    Access denied in CCleaner?

    Drew. U seem to be the man on the site here. I need help. Have u ever got a pop up called Access Denied in the Disk Cleaner or Analyzer whatever u want to call it? I have the latest version of Free. When I use the Disk Analyzer I only check email, pictures and documents. The emails are all from Windows Live Mail which I hate and don't use. They delete just fine. I have 540 MB's it says I can clean up which is a ton of files. Mostly .png and .jpg . There are a ton of both with mainly long letter and number ID's and also quite a few that just have a short name to them like normal words. example home.png etc. These type are the ones that usually bring up the Access Denied pop up and wont delete them. So, if u were to as an example Select everything listed I will get the Access Denied pop up and u can't delete everything. Which means u have to manually go through and figure out which files are the ones causing the Access Denied pop up. Which is an enormous task and not worth all the time it would take as there are thousands of files. But, I have a good feeling now for what type of filenames are the culprits and I just click on one of them to delete and get the Access Denied pop up. So, I right click on the file and then click to go to the location of the file no problem and delete it there if I choose to. I go back to the file and it is still listed and if I check it again and click on delete it I get a new pop up saying it cant be found and if I close the program out and run the analyzer again that file is now gone and deleted in the list. So, why this Access Denied thing??? I uninstalled the program and re-installed it with no luck. Am I the only person getting this??? It is making my Disk Cleaner Useless? I hope this makes sense to somebody out there. I cannot get help from Piriform as I have written them a dozen times and I have found nothing on there site anywhere that addresses this issue. I have 8.1 recently optimized by Bitdefender, have run the deep Scan and come up with only 4 Cache files being deleted. Nothing in the Registry etc.??? Any help appreciated.

    Pat / drdoo2

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    I'm not Drew, but I have used Ccleaner [and other toys] and have run into Access Denied.
    Some folders and files are Access Denied until such are not in use by some security, monitoring, Office Suite, WhatSoEver else program that can grab a folder and/or file and be "using" same.
    What folders, what files seem to be the most often Access Denied?
    And, please use paragraphs in your opening post [it's not too late to edit & add paragrapsh.]
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    The best way to uninstall anything to avoid it being in use by another application is to do it in Safe Mode.

    Anything with a .png or .jpg extender would probably be in your Pictures folder where they are easily deleted by right clicking on them and selecting Delete, but don't forget to check the Recycle Bin afterwards.
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