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    MS Word 2013 Adding images to word with auto resize

    Hello all,

    i am new to the forum as generally i tend to figure things out myself or with youtube videos....HELP

    i have a word doc with a table. i have several pics that i would like to put into the table but i want it to auto resize. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    What do you want to auto resize - the pics or the table? If you want the table to auto resize, its ability to do so is going to be limited by the pics themselves. After all, I doubt you'd want the auto resize to push half the table or more off the page...

    Paul Edstein
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    Might experiment with first putting a table in a page then size it accordingly with one or more cells then Insert a Text box in a cell, size accordingly then Instert a Picture or Clipart. It won't automatically resize but will give the necessary handles for resizing, moving, rotating, etc.

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    You can have the photos automatically resize down. Sorry I don't have time this moment to do screenshots or video. If this doesn't give you enough to start with, I'll check back later.

    Set your table to a preferred width.
    Set your rows to an exact height and your columns to a preferred width.

    Don't let your rows break across pages.
    In Table Options, uncheck automatically resize to fit contents.
    Also, you might want to eliminate cell margins...

    Make sure the wrapping on your pictures is set to In Line With Text (which is the default).

    The photos will obey cell alignment, so if you want they centered top to bottom or right to left, set cell alignment to Align Center.

    Now, drag and drop your photos into the cells. They will automatically size down if they are wider or taller than your cell sizes. Unless they are the exact proportions of the cell, they won't fit both ways.

    If your pictures are smaller, they won't size up, in which case you will have to drag the corner handles until the height or width fits the cell exactly.

    HTH! Kim

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