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    I recently bought a couple of spare batteries for a mature but classic camera, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their rated capacity is nearly double that of the OEM battery, at a lower price.

    My laptop computers are maturing too, and I wondered if a battery upgrade makes sense. My own thoughts have always tended toward keeping a transferable setup on a stick or portable drive or in the cloud and just buying a new computer to slap it on if you get caught without one, but I canít afford that and a longer-lasting battery on an existing computer would make it genuinely portable.

    Are better batteries available for existing computers?

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    You can usually get a choice of 6 or 9 cell.

    Laptops generally come with 6 cell but I've seen newer laptops with phenomenal life span that I suspect they are now fitting 9 cell batteries, although with the advancement in technology they may be able to attain those with a 6 cell.

    My 2011 Toshiba laptop came with a 6 cell but when I bought a replacement, I didn't feel the much increased price for the 9 cell was justified - regretting the decision now so next time will probably buy the 9 cell.

    Always go for the genuine vendor's battery though as you can get some cheapos and I've come across where a generic Made in China one exploded in a laptop.

    When you get the new one or before, download the free version of HWMonitor which will show how much the battery is degraded.

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    Advances in technology mean new batteries have greater capacity for the same physical size.

    Having a better battery won't prevent some other problem that necessitates a new machine - theft, accident etc.

    cheers, Paul

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