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    Dual boot Windows 10565 and Windows 8.1 with the original Win8 key

    I've had Windows 8 Pro (updated to 8.1) almost since release date, a retail version.
    I clean installed the previous Windows 10 Insider Preview (pro) a few weeks ago, and it updated to 10565 yesterday. Naturally, it was not activated as I had not upgraded the Win 8.1
    However, in line with the new activation process (or one of them) I changed the product key on this "not activated" version of 10565 to the original Win 8 pro key and it activated.
    So now I have both Windows 8.1 AND Windows 10 (10565 preview) both activated with the same original Windows 8 key on a dual boot system.
    And I have checked that the Windows 8.1 remains activated.

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    That is a license violation. If you have been installing previous preview releases back to the July 29th build 10240 release, there should have been no reason to use any key. The July 29th release should have automatically activated and if you have upgraded it since each release should automatically activate. Even a clean install should automatically activate. Sometimes, it takes a day or two for the automatic activation.


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