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    Create formulas in Excel and populate reminders in Outlook (Excel newbie)

    Hi all,

    I am working on a project in which I want to automatically track our vendors' expected invoices. The problem we are having is that vendors have not been billing our company when expected and is creating unnecessary work on our part to keep track of them (some problem, I know!). I have attached an example of the spreadsheet. As you can see, some vendors will bill monthly based on the type of contract; others will need to meet a milestone before they can send a bill to us.

    First task: Create a formula reflecting when we can expect a bill based upon the period of performance [columns K and L][last invoice should be the month following the end date of the contract-see row 3 for the example;
    Second task: Create an Outlook reminder automatically that alerts me to contact a vendor if we do not receive a bill when expected. This should be relatively easy for month-to-month payments, but I imagine it will take some creativity for milestone-based invoices. Let me know if anyone has a thought about this. I can manually enter data from the contract into a separate column here if that is the only way forward
    Third Step: When an invoice is received (see P3 for example), create a formula for when the invoice is payable (Q3 for example) based upon contract terms (see K3 for example). I'd like to have this also send an alert in outlook to notify us 1 week prior to the due date.

    Disclaimer: I am relatively new to excel and don't know much about macros or creating formulas.

    Any and all help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!



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    Hi Pete

    ..OK, we can help. Let's start by having the example attachment.
    It is always much easier to help if we get sample files.


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