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    Windows Explorer - Searching by Kind - File type


    I was reading here...

    Kinds and Types of Files

    Letís take things a bit further and search for a specific kind of file. If you click on the search terms, you should see a box pop up asking if you want to add a search filter. END

    In my search box the characters spelling out Add a Search Filter are all grayed out so I can not add a filter like file type.

    How does one "un-gray" those words so you can add a search filer like file type?

    Thank you.

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    I would recommend installing the free Search Everything tool. It indexes every file on your computer continually. So if you search for, say, ".pdf", you will instantly see all your PDFs. And the location. No need to then go and find that location: double-clciking on a file name in the list will open it.

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