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    Windows 10/ Office 2016 Save error

    I am using Windows 10 Pro Build 10240. I am a windows insider, but have not activated the program as this is my work computer. I have the paid edition of Office 365 and updated to Office 2016.

    Every time I try to create a word document and save it, it hangs up, will not save and causes a serious error. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the product, disabling the add ins, and starting in safe mode and it still hangs up and causes a serious error.

    If I wait it restores the files w/(last saved) or (Recovered) over and over. Is there any hope?

    There are many threads online that say Build 10550 will address the problem, but no indication as to when and Insider builds are at 10565 now. I am just wary of using it.

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    I just subscribed to Office 365 and installed Word 2016 amongst others on Windows 10 RTM 10240 within the last week. And I don't get an error saving a document, so it's not a universal bug. (I did have installation issues; wasted 3 hours with MS support; Windows 10 reset cured an obscure remnant of Windows 7/8; but I don't think that's relevant here.)

    Any error message? Do other Office 2016 programs save OK?

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